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Long lasting disinfectant and sanitising specialist services Johannesburg.

We provide a range of Eco Spray Disinfecting Solutions to you as a service or a product.

Deep Clean

Our team will disinfect your office, commercial space, home, and vehicle using our unique high pressure mist spray equipment and disinfectant solution.

No Residue

Our high pressure mist spray method and products leave no residue or wetness after being applied making sure you are not stuck with sticky surfaces.

Eco Friendly

Safe to use around humans, animals & food whilst being detrimental to pathogens, bacteria and viruses.


Want to do it yourself and save yourself costs?

Contact us to buy your own Mist Spray Kit or even just our Disinfectant Solutions.

Disinfection Solutions

Viraway Eco-Lyte

Your every day disinfectant solution

We use Eco-Lyte (NTL) as a high pressure mist spray solution to kill germs and viral pathogens, including Covid-19 on contact.  It also kills 99.99% of bacterial and is also effective against mould, mildew and odours. 

This COST EFFECTIVE disinfectant is designed for high touch surfaces in environments such as offices, restaurants, schools, hospitals, hotels, and homes.

This solutions is the most commonly used, and requires scheduled follow-up applications to ensure its effectiveness.

Viraway Si-Quat

Your long-lasting disinfectant solution

We use Si-Quat chemical compound to kill germs and viral pathogens, including Covid-19.  This solution actively continues to kill pathogens that come into contact with the surface for up to several weeks, and sometimes month (surface dependent) after.

This PREMIUM disinfectant is designed for high touch surfaces in environments such as offices, restaurants, schools, hospitals, hotels, homes and quarantine and isolation facilities.

Si-Quat contains a unique UV compound in the solution and together with the disinfectant binds to the sprayed surfaces kill viruses and bacteria long after having been applied.  To check if the disinfectant compound is still bonded and active on the surface, a UV light can be used to determine its presence

What we do

Our Products Are Eco Friendly, Alcohol Free and Corrosive Chemical Free

  • We do not use electrical or motor driven applicators, only clean cylindered compressed air.
  • No wet or sticky residue, fast-acting disinfectant kills virus pathogens and germs within minutes.
  • Purchase your own mist spray kit, it’s easy to use and full training provided.


Disinfectant solutions for protection of your home or quarantine space


Disinfectant solutions for protection of your office, restaurant, school, or hospital.


Disinfectant solutions for protection of your vehicle, company vehicles and taxis.

Why Us?

Let the experts Protect You, your family, Your Home and Your Business

Not Disinfecting your Business, Classroom or Home is no longer an option

As part of planning a virus-free environment, critical areas need to be addressed.  Work areas, school class rooms, and other high traffic and high touch zones are required to be kept sanitised and safe at all times to maintain virus-free areas.

This is where WE come in!

Our expert and convenient services will ensure you no longer have to worry about you, your family, your colleagues, customers or students safety anymore.

Routine cleaning and disinfection is the key to maintaining a safe environment for your customers, staff and Family Members.


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Our solutions

We Value your protection

We offer a disinfection sanitising solution using only the best disinfectant chemicals available that are SABS and NRCS tested and approved as well as food safe and biodegradable.

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